Freebie Friday: Win a Samsung i8910HD with one Tweet today

Here at TechCrunch Europe towers, we’ve decided to broaden our coverage to include new gadgets going on sale in Europe. Why? Well frankly Europe gets some of the best stuff out there and our mobile phones tend to pretty much rock, if not in the “application store” front (that will of course change over time) then at least in the hardware stakes. Plus, frankly, people keep sending this stuff to us. So we may as well do something with it. And what better thing could we do than give it away. To you.

To that end we’ve been sent the new Samsung’s i8910HD, the successor to its Omnia i900. It’s sleek, looks good. It has a whopping eight-megapixel camera and records 720p HD video. Check out this 3.7in display, which is bigger than the iPhone 3G S’s 3.5in. Plus, being able to shoot 720p HD video is a first for a mobile phone. If anyone thinks these things won’t replace things like the Flip Mino HD then they need to wake up and smell the burning coffee.

Its predecessor, the Omnia i900, had a stylus. We say #FAIL. The i8910HD has a capacitive touchscreen so it’s much more responsive to fingers. We say #FTW. 8GB of built-in storage helps on the music front.

Then again, they do say the best camera is always the camera you have with you. And the iPhone is pretty damn fast at taking quick point and click shots, even if they may not be the best. The i8910HD has considerable shutter lag, which is really rather tedious. And there’s no optical zoom, so it’s not a total replacement from a real camera just yet.

More interestingly for TechCrunchies is that its OS is built on Symbian S60, not Windows Mobile. Samsung has skinned the Symbian engine with its own widgets which works pretty well. The Samsung i8910HD is exclusive to Orange for now. It also has turn-by-turn navigation GPS, used for Orange Maps, included in some tariffs. The iPhone 3G S does of course have the new TomTom app.

But with no app stores attached as yet, it’s basically a big feature phone. Did I say big? This thing is huge. People who had mobile phones in the 80s will feel nostalgic holding this thing. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, but it’s definitely hefty. I guess you don’t get HD video without some kind of price, and here we are paying in weight and size.

So, you want one? We have one to give away. But we’re going to try something new to get this to you.

Here’s what you need to do. We will randomly select the winner from anyone who Re-tweets any tweet from the @tceurope Twitter feed in the last few weeks. You also need to include the hashtag #tceurope to make sure we know you are entering this competition.

We’ll pick you up on our search and select someone from that feed at random. That’s it.

Just include @TCEurope in the tweet and a link to one of our stories and the hashtag #tceurope. You can grab anything you like from here:

Since you can only enter once, just send one tweet. Do not do more than one tweet.

The competition lasts today (Friday 17 July) until 5pm London time when we’ll announce the winner.

(Whilst entries will be accepted from anywhere, TechCrunch cannot be held responsible for the non-compatability of the phone if registered overseas. If you’re not lucky enough to win, or you can’t wait to get your hands on the Samsung i8910HD phone, you might want to try our friends at Orange/Samsung. Good Luck!

Update: The winner of @TCEurope’s #FreebieFriday is: @Wedge7 “Uni student, Mobile Web Developer” in Bournemouth