Commenter of the Week

Anonymous writes in reaction to the heated debate about an older Laptop Hunter ad featuring Sheila:

Wow, I’ve learned so much from all of this stimulating, relevant debate. Thanks, guys!

Just a few of the things I’ve learned from these comments:
1. The only reason to buy a Mac is OSX
2. The only reason to buy a Mac is the build quality
3. OSX sucks compared to Windows
4. Windows sucks compared to Linux
5. Windows sucks compared to OSX
6. Real video editors use Final Cut Pro and AVID… unless they use Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere instead.

7. Fry’s Electronics is either universally agreed upon as the best electronics store in the world, or the worst, but it is most decidedly not anywhere in between.
8. Everybody who uses a Mac loves it to death… except for those who don’t.
9. Everybody who uses a PC loves it to death… except for those who don’t.
10. Apple’s support is better than Toshiba’s support which is better than Apple’s support which is better than Toshiba’s support.
11. Taking one side or the other, hyperbolically, makes you a terrible, blind fanboy incapable of seeing things objectively… but being objective means you’re “an ignorant fag who is afraid of conflict”.
12. Ram is like cupholders… which means you can buy it for 25 cents at a drugstore and hang it off the edge of your dashboard
13. Ram is like car seats, semi-permanently bolted into a vehicle and unable to be added to due to the limited capacity of the vehicle
14. Ram sticks are meant to be sat on or have drinks placed atop of them

15. The salesman is gay
16. You’re gay
17. I’m gay
18. Several people here “suck dicks”… which is apparently a bad thing, given the context with which this is said
19. The point of the ad is to sway people from Apple
20. The point of the ad is to sell Vista
21. The point of the ad is to tell the average consumer that Windows-based PCs are cheaper
22. The point of the ad is to tell professional filmmakers that Windows-based PCs are more powerful
23. Mac fans use horrible grammar
24. PC fans use horrible grammar
25. Most users of the internet at large UES HORRIBAL GRAMMER

Oh, and 26. Her tits are small.