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picture-23Now more than ever people are turning to the Internet for products and services they want to buy locally. Recent research from ComScore reveals that 66% of Americans use online search to locate local businesses and services, and 61% of local searches result in purchases either on or offline.

Even at casual glance such numbers scream the importance of local search to small business owners, and Utah-based OrangeSoda has seen success helping small companies fully harness the power of the communication channel.

Specifically, OrangeSoda provides a search engine marketing platform designed to help small to medium sized businesses increase visibility locally through geo-targeted online marketing. The company takes a more holistic approach to search marketing than most, managing paid listings, organic results, and local business listings at the top of results pages (often referred to as the Google 10-pack). The latter offering, officially announced today, constitutes the company’s most recent addition to its service package.

Local SEO is a whole different ball game than traditional SEO. Client budgets are smaller, making it crucial for service providers to have a strategy that works the first time rather than relying on a drawn out trial and error process. It is also vital that service providers discover methods for generating conversions with individual keywords that often don’t have massive search volume. Two notable players in the local space are Yodle and ReachLocal, who focus primarily of paid search optimization.

Though a slightly more precise science than large scale search marketing and SEO, local search optimization is still an emerging craft. However, there is conceivably greater potential in the local sphere, as searching with a local identifier more directly reveals intentions of making a purchase. The space has received considerable funding, with Yodle and ReachLocal sitting on approximately $65 and $25 million respectively. OrangeSoda has brought in a total of $7.5 million since its founding in 2006. It will be interesting to see how the space shapes out, and if more comprehensive services like OrangeSoda’s can compete with those focusing on specific facets of local search.

  • batessa

    Wife works there – good to see them recognized. Cool company doing something innovative for SMBs.

  • mike

    why is this on techcrunchIT? nothing enterprise or particularly IT about this…

  • http://www.techcrunch.com Cameron Christoffers

    Service gives small to midsized businesses a way to promote themselves. Young company getting some rec for a service slightly different than that of established players. Figured it was worth a read.

  • http://newmediacampaigns.com Clay S

    Hadn’t heard of them before, thanks for writing them up so I could check them out. They seem like a competitor Hubspot, which has had a lot of success by gaining a following through blogging. I find it a tad off that this company that focuses on Internet Marketing doesn’t have an immediately available blog.

  • http://catchsearchmarketing.com Catch Search Marketing

    I think companies like Orange Soda, and eLocal have done a great job of making it east for small business owners to have a hands off approach to SEO, or Internet Marketing. Still though the most low cost method is doing the SEO themsleves, I think for select business owners that is obtainable.

    I’ve created an SEO product for small business to learn how to handle map submission, and organic rankings at http://catchsearchmarketing.com.

    Product is brand new, so still working out the kinks, it should improve over the next couple of months.

  • http://www.indywatersolutions.com Donald Stone

    Orange Soda may very well have some potential in the future, but as a customer contacting our two comapnies for their SEO services we didn’t have a good experence. Their customer service has been poor at best. From day one our account manager promised great things only to transfer to another position in the company and leave us hanging with no action taken. Two months go by with no results and we call back only to be reassigned with apoligies to another manager with similar promises. He failed to follow through and then transfers out as well. We call back and get to a third manager who has tried to find some common ground, but today I login and find no results or history for either of our companies. My guess is they are growing to fast and killing their customer confidence in the process. We had a six month agreement and we are contemplating the process for seeking restitution for their failure to do as they agreed. If they sustain their growth pains they do have a great style for approcing SEO. We didn’t know they only presented us to Google alone. That was also disapointing.

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