Rocket bike FAIYATORIKKUBOBU, for you my friend, one million yen

It really is a rocket bike, and it really does cost a million yen.

Help run the engine, for aircraft equipped with TABINJETTOENJIN RAJIKON structured as a real jet. The smell and the sound of hot air, you can get real experience as real. Full-throttle state (turbine rpm: rotation per minute 120,003 thousand) thrust in the 5 km (4.4 equivalent of horsepower) to get HAIPAWAASHISUTO, continue to pull the pedal in the flat road, and before I knew it fast you can reach. Since there is no sense of acceleration torque but it is not (about to get a child back then), also helped KUREZU takeoff climb also.

The rest of the details can be found at the Rintendo site. Unfortunately, I believe they are out of stock of FAIYATORIKKUBOBUs (Fire Trick Bobs), so you can put that big stack of yens away. For $10,000 you can probably put together your own rocket bike anyway.

[via Doktor’s Blog and Like Cool]