• 65,000 signatures on petition to get LAN back in StarCraft II (but will Blizzard listen?)

    By now I’m sure you know that Blizzard doesn’t plan to support LAN in StarCraft II. There’s a petition going around that politely asks Blizzard to reconsider. Said petition has some 65,000 signatures on it. You should sign it, too. Read More

  • Zombie T-shirt! For free!

    Impress your friends and mortify your co-workers with this unassuming Resident Evil T-shirt that TRANSFORMS YOU INTO A ZOMBIE! Read More

  • RIP: Cloudbook maker, Everex 2008 – 2009

    The Cloudbook by Everex: It was one of the first netbooks released back in the wild and crazy days of 2008. But it didn’t start off on the right foot. Everex delayed the Cloudbook a few times and early reviews told a sad story, but it was eventually sold at Walmart. We never heard of anyone actually buying one though, but we’re sure someone out there probably did. Anyway, the… Read More

  • Nokia comes under fire in Iran over its close ties to the government

    About a month ago you couldn’t go to Huffington Post without thinking that Iran was going to protest its way into the year 2009. That didn’t exactly happen, despite people thinking that they could tweet a government into collapse, all from the comfort of their armchair in Columbus, Ohio. (There’s actually a term for that: slacktivism.) That being said, it now looks like some… Read More

  • Turntable+CD recorder+cassette recorder+radio: Teac Japan's new all-in-one device

    Teac Japan announced the LP-R550 today [JP], a kind of Swiss Army knife for audio freaks. Buyers get a turntable, a cassette player/recorder, a CD player/recorder and a PLL synthesized AM/FM stereo tuner. Teac released a similar device on the Japanese market just a few months ago. Read More

  • Facebook's Offical User Count Now 250 Million

    It was only three months ago that Facebook announced that it had reached 200 million users worldwide. Today, CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the social network has passed 250 million users. Facebook has been accused of under-counting users in the past. According to comScore, Facebook had 316 million unique visitors worldwide in May, but not all of them necessarily had accounts. Read More

  • DIY: Build your own portable 12v air conditioner

    If you’re like me, and have a car with no air conditioning, you’ve considered some pretty insane ideas for getting some cool air inside your vehicle. Well there are some incredibly expensive options out there, in some ways it would probably be easier to buy a new car. If you don’t want to take it to that extreme, you could always build one of the units described on a… Read More

  • Bing Gains Some Search Share (From Yahoo)

    All the fuss about Microsoft finally posing a credible challenge to Google with Bing, its new search engine, misses the real primary target of Microsoft’s search efforts: Yahoo. Microsoft knows it can’t unseat Google anytime soon, but it does have a fighting chance of taking down Yahoo to soften it for an acquisition or simply take over the No. 2 spot in search. Even that day… Read More

  • Nimbuzz Releases Mac Desktop Client, iPhone App Updates

    In a move that will appeal to many of its Apple-loving users, Nimbuzz has simultaneously launched an updated iPhone / iPod Touch application and a shiny new desktop client for Macs. The company offers a social messenger service that lets people access IM and social networks with one set of credentials from a single location and thus competes with a slew of other companies on both the mobile… Read More

  • Acer to release one Android, three Winmo handsets this year

    By a show of hands, who forgot about that unannounced Acer handset that Mr. BlurryCam spied a few months ago? It’s cool. That phone *might* turn out to be one of the four smartphones Acer still has on tap for this year. Three of them are Winmo phones – C1/E1, F1 and L1 – but it’s the Android-rocking A1 we care about. Now, Digitimes isn’t exactly clear when… Read More

  • F-Secure Buys Online Storage Startup Steek For $38.8 Million

    Finnish computer security provider F-Secure has acquired venture-backed French startup Steek for €27.5M (approx. $38.75 million) in cash with the possibility of a further performance-based payment of up to €2.5M ($3.5 million) next year. Steek was backed by Innovacom, which financed the startup’s $4 million Series A round mid-2006 and later joined AGF Private Equity in a $8… Read More

  • 40 out of 40: Famitsu magazine gives Dragon Quest IX perfect score

    Japan’s (and probably the world’s) most renowned gaming magazine, the Famitsu [JP], has given Square Enix’s RPG Dragon Quest IX a perfect score in the latest issue. All four editors who tested the game gave 10 points out of 10, resulting in a 40/40 score. Read More

  • Alterian Acquires Techrigy, The "Google Alerts On Steroids"

    Alterian, a global provider of integrated marketing solutions, has added social media monitoring to its suite of services in one swoop with the acquisition of Techrigy. The latter is a Pitssford, NY-based startup that markets an enterprise-grade SMM and analysis solution called SM2, targeted at PR and marketing pros who want to keep tabs on what is being said online about the companies and… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Kitteh Kapture Edition

    Google Android, now on your computer
    Finally: Time-release caffeine capsules
    EGG Mouse mini: Japanese company sells extra-compact PC mouse Read More

  • Final Tweet: The Twitter Reality TV Show Pitch

    Ok, we’re going to start things off with a softball. I can’t imagine even Twitter cares that we’re posting this pitch deck from Through Eyes Productions that outlines the idea for a reality television show called Final Tweet. This looks different than still-in-planning television show that was leaked in late May. And frankly, it looks like a big loser. I hope and assume… Read More

  • Our Reaction To Your Reactions To the Twitter Confidential Documents Post

    Wow, that’s quite a reaction to our post earlier this evening saying that we will publish some of the confidential Twitter documents we’ve been forwarded. Nearly 200 comments in a little over an hour, mostly saying we shouldn’t publish. Hundreds of Tweets, and it has become a trending topic. There’s even a poll asking people if we should post the documents or… Read More

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