Google Reader Takes Another Social Step With People Search And "Likes"

<img src="" width="192" height="152" />As we've noted for some time, Google Reader's social features <a href="

Samsung Comeback set to cost about $130 too much

The Samsung Comeback might not have launched today as it was expected to, but the details continue to trickle in. We’ve got the product shots, we’ve got the specs, and now that last oh-so-

The Price Of Success: Pay-To-Play Continues To Shape The Twitter Ecosystem

<img src="" width="121" height="200" />As Twitter continues to see skyrocketing growth, desktop and mobile phone clients are becom

Disclaimer: These are coasters not wormholes to other worlds

I have a confession: I love me some Stargate. It’s my guilty pleasure. Star Trek is okay, Star Wars will always be a classic, I never got into BSG, but I can tell you almost anything about the S

Nerd Jokes: Someone spelled 'Pittsburgh' wrong in Morse Code, ROFL!

<img src="" alt="grant" />The Grant Building in downtown Pittsburgh has been spelling out the city's name in Morse Code via a flashing red lig

Colorado plan would give free cellphones to low income people

<img src="" />Wow, you can totally tell when Drudge links to a news story. Take this one, which details a Colorado plan to give free cellph

Review: The Conduit (Wii)

<img src="" alt="" />I now have a reason to ignore my PS3 and Xbox 360. The Wii finally has a decent “next-gen” shooter thanks to Hi

Thirty-eight Wii accessories for $38? What's the catch?

<img src="" alt="wii" />If you've just purchased the Nintendo Wii, let me be the first to tell you that you're going to need to set aside

Twitter's Financial Forecast Shows First Revenue In Q3, 1 billion users in 2013

<img src="" width="215" height="79" />Our negotiations with Twitter (or rather Twitter's lawyers) over our <a href="http:

Aircell now offers Gogo pricing for shorter flights

The official Kindle 2 case is cracking the Kindle 2, $5 million lawsuit filed

It seems that the Kindle 2 has an issue when used with the official protective case: it cracks. Obviously everyone that spent $30 on the case that’s suppose to protect the Kindle from such damag

Google Maps Markers Are Making Real World Appearances

<img src="" width="150" height="200" />You know the Google Maps upside-down teardrop shaped markers? It looks like they're starting to

Apple Kills Everyone's Buzz At Once: Tethering On AT&T Is Dead, Pre Blocked In iTunes

And yet another game of cat and mouse begins. Over the past 24 hours, Apple has released updates for both iTunes and the iPhone beta SDK. While both are seemingly minor on the feature front, each pack

CrunchGear's Ultimate Guide to Netbooks

Ah, the netbook. Back in 1999 or so I remember one of my co-workers spent over $3,000 for a mini Sony Vaio PCG-C1, the kind with the tiny keyboard and woefully underpowered processor. Fast forward a d

Premium Guitar Hero drum controller from Logitech

<img src="" alt="drums" />Logitech has announced a premium Guitar Hero drumset for the PS2 and PS3, priced at $229 and available soon. The kit

Spending $4,500 on an OQO model 2+ is awesome

<img src="">Man, I wish I had crazy money like the <a href="">OQO</a> fanboy that spend $4,50

Google Books Is Trying To Get People To Read By Tweeting Out Literary Quotes

<img src="" width="215" height="142" /> Google Books has had a big month. The user interface got an <a href="http://www.beta.te

Uh Oh: The Toshiba TG01 is diseased

<img src="" /> If you're part of the very, very, very small segment of Crunch readers who happens to live in Germany, <em>and</em> you'

Review: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Xbox 360)

<img src="" alt="" />Movie licensed games have generally sucked something fierce. Very rarely are any of them ever any good, and the same

AT&T finally launches the Sony Ericsson C905a

Okay AT&T, lets talk. If you’re not ready to launch a phone 3 months after it’s announced, no one will really notice. If, at 6 months, the company still hasn’t prepped the handse
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