Google Books Is Trying To Get People To Read By Tweeting Out Literary Quotes

Google Books has had a big month. The user interface got an overhaul with new tools and features, including new search features, and the U.S. Department of Justice formally announced the investigation of the settlement Google made with the Author’s Guild to make orphan books available on the web. Now Google is using Twitter as a vehicle to help you learn what books are available.

Under the “@googlebooks” Twitter handle, Google is posting excerpts from books in its index of works via popular or quirky book quotes. The Tweet we included is from Francis Bacon’s “Essays” compiled by Edwin Abbott.

Google says that they’ve chosen their favorite quotes from its list of the most popular passages of books (which you can find on each book’s overview page). If you click on the links in each tweet, you’ll be able to see the quote in context on the page.