FIFA 10 on October 2 for every damn system ever


EA Sports will release FIFA 10 on October 2 for every system ever created by man, including the PS3, PS2, Xbox 360, and Nintendo DS. (It’ll be the last FIFA game for the PS2.) Wayne Rooney will be on the cover of the UK version of the game, but I have no idea who will be on the American version. Lord knows MLS isn’t exactly a world-class league.

The game’s manager mode has been given a new coat of paint, giving people the opportunity to play the role of José Mourinho, Sir Alex Ferguson, or that Catalan wonder-kid, Josep Guardiola. Presumably this is to fend off competiton from the likes of Football Manager.

The supplied screenshots are a little out of date, but I’m sure that’ll be fixed in no time. For example, Barça’s away kit this year is some weird pink color, not yellow (that was last year’s). Also, Benzema is, as we all know, a Real Madrid player now.

via GamersReports