40 out of 40: Famitsu magazine gives Dragon Quest IX perfect score


Japan’s (and probably the world’s) most renowned gaming magazine, the Famitsu [JP], has given Square Enix’s RPG Dragon Quest IX a perfect score in the latest issue. All four editors who tested the game gave 10 points out of 10, resulting in a 40/40 score.

The magazine says the music and the multiplayer mode are outstanding, and said the game can trigger deep emotions in the player. Dragon Quest is a household name in Japan, with the ninth installment having shipped 3 million units since its release in Nippon just last Saturday.

Other games that received a perfect score from Famitsu include Metal Gear Solid 4 back in June last year, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the N64 and Vagrant Story for the PS. In total, there are only 10 games with a 40/40 score now.

Here is a video from the day Dragon Quest IX launched in Japan: