Review: Waterfield Designs 13-inch Muzetto laptop bag


The $239 13-inch Muzetto bag by Waterfield Designs is a nice bag, that much is sure. It’s well built, nicely styled, and comfortable to wear. But friends I’m loathe to admit that I carry too much crap for this poor little bag and it deserves better than me. I’m too much man for this bag. That is not to say this isn’t a bag for a man. It’s a bag for a man who knows about the good things in life – a nice piece of leather, a smooth inner sanctum, enough space for a netbook and a bottle of Vitamin Water.

You see, the Muzetto is clad in smooth leather and an even smoother nylon lining. It has five pockets – one main area for the laptop, a zipper pocket, two front pockets lined with soft material, and a rear bag for glasses and the like. In all I should had more than enough room for all my crap. For example, last night I went into the city with a Kindle and some magazines. Then I bought three hardback books. And I had a bunch of other headphones and crap. And the bag was fit to burst. Or on Saturday I went to a Bachelor Party to a BYOB restaurant (sorry, Fu Suhsi! We were REALLY LOUD) and we went to the Turkish baths on 10th Street before that (don’t ask) and I had swim trunks and a bottle of Woodford Reserve (surprisingly smooth) in there and it was OK but if I had stuck a laptop in there it would have been too much. There’s a tipping point with this bag. If you put too much into it it becomes distended and wild and just too much. You have to care for it and feed it like a baby bird.

Now maybe you’re different. Maybe you carry a netbook or 13-inch MacBook and maybe a magazine and maybe some glasses. GET YOU THIS LAPTOP BAG! It’s great. But if you’re like me and carry your week’s shopping home in your laptop bag, maybe you need one of those blue plastic sacks from Ikea because you’re incorrigible. This bag deserves a soft touch, respect, a warm kiss.

And you’re wondering “Is this bag too small? Is this a murse?” No and no. Besides, I love the murse. I’ve been carrying what can be charitably called a man bag for years. I love this style of bag. It makes me think I’m a little mailman, doing the rounds, dropping off letters to friends and relations.This bag will make you thing you’re an even smaller mailman with your little laptop or your bottle of whiskey or your swim trunks. So if you have a small laptop, get this bag. If you don’t, get a bigger bag – there’s a 17-inch model coming soon. This is my first Waterfield Designs bag and it’s well-made and quite handsome. But it needs love. Give it love. Thank you.

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