GPS panic button is perfect for important people

gpsIf you’re actually an important person in real life, the Spark Nano GPS Tracker looks like a pretty cool doodad to keep in the pockets of your very-expensive pants. It’s basically a $200 panic button that alerts your friends and family that you’ve been kidnapped and/or marooned on an island somewhere.

Per the product description:

“The Spark Nano GPS Tracker with panic button is one of the smallest, most lightweight GPS Trackers available on the market today. Pressing the panic button sends an instant distress alert to family or friends pinpointing your exact GPS location. It’s the only device that can measure altitude and track for a continuous 5 days on a single battery charge. You can even choose to upgrade to a 6 month battery for extending GPS Tracking.”

The regular version costs $199.95 and the six month version costs $449.95. If you’re important enough to need this device, you can probably afford to upgrade to the longer battery — although if it takes up to six months to find you, perhaps your friends, family, and the local police department need to take a quick Google Maps class at the learning annex.

Spark Nano GPS Tracker [SkyMall]