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Corporate Blogging Through the Ages – Skype then and now

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[In her final post from the Travelling Geeks tour to London, Ayelet Noff talks to Scoble and Skype – Ed]

My fellow Traveling Geeks companion, Robert Scoble (aka the Scobleizer) and Peter Parks from Skype were interviewed by Renee Blodgett who is the CEO of Magic Sauce Media, Co-founder of The Traveling Geeks and Founder and Producer of We Blog the World. We set up shop on the streets of London directly in front of the hotel we stayed in, the Malmaison, which naturally picked up the sweet sounds of British school children playing in the background. The topic for Renee’s interview today: Corporate blogging through the ages. Park’s role at Skype is essentially to take care of every bit of Skype that touches the social web (blogging, twitter, etc.), so he has personally witnessed the changes of social media in the corporate world. During this chat he delves into the differences of social media’s role during Skype 2006 and Skype now.

In this second video I interview Peter, this time accompanied by Experience Manager for Skype, Neil Dodd. Dodd currently deals with everything user experience related for Skype for Windows. The two discuss specifically how Skype uses social media to receive feedback and also to help blow up their new product launches, such as Skype 4.1 for Windows, which was launched last week. Dodd tells us about the new features in Skype 4.1 for Windows and Peter reveals his Twitter identity!

  • Robin Gurney

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  • Jules Morgan

    Skype is so well polished these days. I struggle to think of any other piece of desktop software that’s even close.

    And given that I’m on Windows I guess that means Neil Dodd is doing a great job :)

    Note : I exclude games of course. They have their own standard. If you want to see the definition of polish try playing World of Warcraft with addons. $100M a month in subs will do that. I know it’s a tangent but there’s a lot to be learnt from the games industry in this regard.

  • SpaceyG

    “Naturally picked up the sweet sounds of British school children playing in the background.” LOL!

    You’ve permanently harmed the very DNA of every audio technician from here to Mombai with that sort of nonsensical statement. This audio is appalling. Not worth RT-ing.

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