Video Review: Panasonic CF-30 Toughbook

The model we received also had a WWAN card with a small, protected slot for the SIM card on the left side. In terms of performance this is a standard Core 2 Duo running at 1.6GHz with 2GB of RAM. It is running WinXP Professional and scored 1893 on Geekbench, about average for this level of hardware.

The laptop is rated for a number of torturous conditions. It is ostensibly water resistant – I wouldn’t dunk it but it can get get – and can survive up to 300 pounds of pressure. We clearly went above and beyond the call of duly with only a small crack to show for it on a piece that could be swapped out easily. The screen is excellent, even in direct sunlight, and although the bastard is heavy as sin – this one weighed almost nine pounds – it’s great for an outdoors installation on a construction site or inside the cab of a police car. This is not a road warrior’s laptop by any means unless, of course, you plan on taking it into Barter Town.

Bottom Line
The laptop in this configuration costs about $3,600. If you work in severe environments it’s a godsend. I’ve never seen a laptop that can stand up to the abuse I gave it and survive. I dropped it a few times off camera and decided to go for broke with the car and, as you see, I was left with some cosmetic damage and a smile on my face.