Twitter Back on Track In June With 20 Million U.S. Visitors

Twitter may not be for teens, but plenty of other people are flocking to the service. After taking a breather in May, when U.S. unique visitor growth almost screeched to a halt, Twitter picked up the pace again in June. According to comScore, in June attracted 20.1 million unique visitors in the U.S., up 14 percent from May.

The resumption of growth isn’t of the sky-pointing variety Twitter experienced earlier this year, but it is a healthy month-over-month rate. Page views hit 628 million, a 21 percent increase over the month before. And these estimates are just for the Twitter Website. As much as half of Twitter’s usage occurs offsite (via desktop and mobile clients).

The 20 million U.S. visitors amounts to about half of the 37 million global visitors the site attracted in May.