Apple tablet rumor gets screen size, price, and release date


Look, we already know a lot about the so-called Apple Tablet. We know the project is real and a lot of man power has been dedicated to the project. A China Times article might have answered a few of our questions though.  That is, if the translated article can be trusted.

The Chinese trade publication is stating that Apple is working on a large screen touchscreen device; we knew that. What we didn’t know was when this device was coming out, but the Chinese supply chain companies are stating October. That’s also when the unibody Macbooks where introduced last year, btw.

The article also states that the screen size would be 9.7-inches. We were thinking it was going to come in around 7-9-inches anyway.

But is $800, the rumored price, set at the right spot? It kind of depends what type of OS this thing is running. If it turns out to be a large screen iPod touch like we originally reported with the same feature set but simply a larger screen, $800 might be a little high. But Apple gives the 9.7-inch tablet the full power of OS X and not limits the capability at all, $800 might be a bargain.

The CrunchPad has refueled the tablet fire. Consumers want this form factor. That is, as long as the OS can handle the web and the price is right.