Aquarium mouse lets you interface in style

fish-ps2-mou-softWhile I’m partial to Fly Guy’s aquarium platform shoes in I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, they just don’t seem practical for everyday use. This aquarium mouse, on the other hand…

Well, it doesn’t have a real fish inside. That’s probably for the best, though, as you’d have to figure out some way to feed it — and let’s not forget all the poo.

As for the 800-dpi mouse itself, it features “precise optical technology” delivered through an old-school PS/2 interface. It’s also got three buttons and a scroll wheel.

So how much would you expect to pay for this wonderful mouse? $49.99? (NO!) $29.99? (NO!) $14.99? (NOO!!!)

Through a limited-time, one-day offer, you can get the aquarium mouse for one easy payment of just $2.99 (plus shipping). Not sure what it’ll cost tomorrow — don’t let this one get away!

Get it? Like fish, they get away? So it’s like don’t let this one “get away” because it’s a product that has to do with fish? Like don’t let this product get away? So it’s like you know about this product now, which is like having a fish on your hook but if you don’t buy it, it’ll be like the fish got free from your hook and swam away? Hence, don’t let this one “get away”?

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