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Today we launch the TechCrunch Europe Top 100. This is a new, constantly updated Index of the most innovative and highest-potential European tech companies, as compiled by our partner YouNoodle. As you’ll see, the Index is focused on mobile and web companies, although cleantech and gadget companies will have a presence on the list, which covers the broad Europe, Middle East and Africa region (EMEA).

So I bet you’re wondering why we created this list? Well Europe, despite being a bigger market than the U.S., is spread across multiple countries, jurisdictions and languages. However, many companies themselves trade both across this complex matrix and internationally. So in order to throw some light onto the situation we wanted to do more that just cover the market in a traditional media manner (as we already do). We wanted to use a data-led approach to create a list which could start to throw up both the themes and the diversity of this rich marketplace. We hope the TechCrunch Europe Top 100 will help throw some light on the European companies that are generating strong, genuine progress.

So from here on, the list will be updated constantly and TechCrunch Europe will profile one or more of the companies in the index monthly to check up on their progress.

What is the data we use to create the score based on? YouNoodle’s scores and rankings are based on a sophisticated algorithm using information pulled in from thousands of online sources: traffic, mainstream media, funding information sources, the blogosphere, and other key factors.

A YouNoodle Score is a measurement, on a scale of 0 to 100, of a startup’s progress as an early-stage company. Typically, a 0-15 company is just getting started, a 30-60 company has experienced some very strong growth (through traffic, funding, or revenue), and a 90-plus company is a strong IPO or acquisition candidate. The score is based on a sophisticated algorithm using information from thousands of online sources: traffic, level of mainstream media coverage, funding, blogosphere activity, and other key factors.

Now I dare say you are asking yourself – how can the score be influenced? Can it be “gamed”? The simple answer is that the scores are mostly based on verified facts, so it’s pretty difficult to “game”. We have detected a few anomalies where startups were being overvalued, and each time we update the design to accommodate that.

It’s also fair to ask, if your company is on the list, what can you do to get it rated higher? Again, simply, just build value for your company. This is in the form of whatever is most valuable to your business in the short and medium term – possibly traffic, funding, revenue, partnerships, key hires, or major media coverage. Keep in mind that the algorithm for scores is specific to an industry, and in some cases location as well.

What do you need to do to get on the list? If you’re doing well we’ll probably find you. Ensuring your company is listed on CrunchBase and YouNoodle will speed up that process. If you think we’re missing something, want to recommend a company, or have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our contact at YouNoodle, Kirill via kirill[AT] or @kirill on Twitter.

  • Darren

    Looks like DailyMotion is grabbing the top spot.

  • Effective News

    Guys …

    All the best all these Top 100 ..

    Twitter is buzzing again .. Should Twitter get a Nobel prize ?

    See the below link for more news …

    • Derry Quinn

      Why is spam so hard to understand?

  • kkrefting

    Don’t league tables highlight what you already know and make it more difficult for what you don’t know to have a voice?

  • XBox Repair Guide

    Europe is definitely a bigger market, but then the language and social divide makes it a little difficult for bigger players to focus on. Then of course we have different companies already established in the European market and considering Europe to be the parent country for many Americans it is a very good idea to have a closer tab on the pulse on the European economy, market and industry.

  • Mark

    Arrington, quick, the DINOSAURS ARE ON THE GATES! younoodle questionnaire is sooo conservative. It really boils down to how many employees/how much money the startup has.
    Ah, and they don’t give prediction for early stage.

  • Ryan Gallagher

    Do revenue and profits get taken into account in this and if so why not? Isn’t that one of the main problems of the problem with the sector as a whole.

    Not to be too negative but this looks more like a recipe for a hype-ometer than a ranking of successful companies.

  • dave

    yawn – it’s missing all sorts of software companies, it’s just interwebs properties that mostly fail…i much prefer real company listing resources like sw500 list, hoovers, european tech rankings and so on…

  • Jeff

    Completely based on traffic and spin………. if they released this a month ago, I would bet you Joost would have been top 5, only to sack 90% of their staff the following week. Bunch of bollocks and no real indicator of what is a strong investment as compared to a “hyped”one.

    • Mike Butcher

      Joost hasn’t had positive press for a year anyway so I rather doubt it. Press mentions are just part of the equation, not all of it.

  • Gabriel Munch-Andersen

    Lots of companies still missing. Don’t quite understand how the companies got picked out.

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  • John Bonten

    Where is

  • Smith

    Some big names are missing, really!

  • Niubi

    I’m surprised not to see DubLi on this list. It’s a German company which has created quite a few millionaires in August, and came to the US this April. It is a pretty big company with a lot of potential!

  • Kirill Makharinsky

    @dave @Gabriel @Smith @Jeff feel free to suggest the companies you feel are missing and we will consider them in future iterations

    Keep in mind that limiting the list to 100 we by definition have to leave out plenty of great companies, but we will update the list over time based on relative progress.

    @John @Niubi thanks for the heads up, we will look into these.

  • Guias Local

    Many companies are missing.

  • Mike

    Only 2 companies from Austria, and Tripwolf. Surprising that isn’t included considering their recent Europas win.

    • Christopher Clay

      That’s right, is missing — and we got a YouNoodle score of 42 (how awesome is that? hope we stay at that number ;) ) so that can’t be the issue.

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  • Mike Martin

    Would have been nice to see SocialGO there at 44 on younoodle at the moment.

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  • financemaster

    Its so surprising that isn’t included considering their recent Europas win

  • financemaster

    how dis list has been prepared,…m surprised to see so many big names are missing

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