Ron Conway's 10 Ways To Monetize Real-Time Data

cbs_letterman_feb06_2008_top_ten_mccainAngel investor Ron Conway in on stage at or Real-Time Stream Crunchup even. He has the top 10 monetization opportunities in real-time data — like David Letterman’s lists.

Counting down:

10. Lead generation

9. Coupons

8. Analytics

7. CRM

6. Payments – If I was at PayPal, I would be looking at this.

5. Commerce

4. User authentication – Corporate accounts want to pay.

3. Syndication of new ads – Twitter itself could just syndicate. Multi-billion.

2. Content advertising and advertising context and display

1. Acquiring followers

There’s at least $5 billion of monetization right there — at least, Conway says.


[photo: CC Brian Solis]