Lazyfeed Wakes Up — And We Have Invites

One of the startups launching today at the Real Time Stream CrunchUp is Lazyfeed, and it is also opening up its service a bit this morning. We have exclusive invites for the first 300 TechCrunch readers to sign up at the site with the promo code “lazytc”.

Lazyfeed is an interest feed for blog items. It indexes about 100,000 of the most popular blogs and organizes posts by topic. The hottest topics, as determined by related tags, pop up to the top. On the home page it shows you the hottest topics of the moment, which offers an easy entry point into the service.

You can also do searches for particular tags, and the most recent posts with those tags start streaming into the reader. You can save tags as favorites in the side bar. and return to them. The service might include Twitter hashtags in the future, but right now it is focused on showing the most recent blog posts about a particular topic.

The service has promise, but needs to be developed further. For instance, I would like to see a unified stream of all my interest, just like I can see a unified stream of all the blogs I subscribe to in Google Reader. Currently, you have to click on each tag/interest to generate a feed of headlines. I’d like to all my interests in one column. There also needs to be a way to add and remove particular sources and to filter the results so that they become much more personalized. But all in all, it is a good start and a refreshing approach.

The company will be demoing its service later today at the CrunchUp, which will be live streamed here.