Bantam Live: The Ultimate Social, Real-Time CRM

Bringing social media features to enterprise-focused applications is all the rage these days. There’s Jive, Socialcast, and Cubetree, which all provide social media and networking applications for businesses. Bantam Live, an online workspace for business teams that has “social CRM” features, joins the trend. Launched today at TechCrunch’s Real-Time Stream Crunchup, the software-as-a-service product provides an online workspaces for business teams that includes a real-time dashboard stream of messaging and workflow activity along with a native social CRM application. Here’s the live stream feed of the event.

Members can share information, track activity, and manage contact and company relationships inside and outside the organization via the real-time activity stream. With Bantam, a user can search Twitter, import a new contact with one click, initiate task workflows with team members to engage this new contact, and then converse with the new contact for various CRM purposes. And this is all within the same application. Integrated to Twitter and soon other social networks like Facebook, Bantam Live also allows users to search, monitor, and connect with people across the web for sales leads, business development, and marketing purposes.

There are services that provide enterprise friendly social networks like Socialcast, but what makes Bantam Live unique is that it leverages social media tools helping users create and track leads for sales, marketing, and business development purposes. And the beauty of Bantam’s application is that it is published in a real-time stream, aiding collaboration between employees.


Here’s the video of the demo of Bantam Live from the event: