Zensify's new release irons out bugs – better, faster

Zensify today releases an update to their social streams aggregation platform on the iPhone. I wrote about it at launch and raved about its ability to pull intelligent, trending topics from the streams of my Twitter, Facebook friends and other networks. But today a number of major improvements come to the beta which is now available on the iPhone Apps store.

Here’s what’s new in Zensify 1.2.3:

New UI

They’ve reworked most of the UI and created a much cleaner interface for the home view. User pictures are now featured in the left hand side and social network icons moved to the bottom of every entry to reflect the fact that it’s the content of an update not it’s source that is more important. Scrolling is now better too.

Tag Cloud (Topics)

This is the most powerful aspect of Zensify. They’ve reworked the algorithm to create better trending topics in the user’s social graph, while the Tag Cloud section has been renamed to Topics.

Performance and Bugs

Zensify is now much faster and way more stable. This was a big problem for me in the first release and I was starting to drift back to to other apps because Zensify was taking too long to update.

Facebook & Twitter

They’ve implemented the first part of the new Facebook Stream API and as an immediate result, users can now post Photos with text to Facebook. Photosharing to Twitter is also improved with a new photo sharing process in place in 1.2.3

All they need to do now is include integration with Google Reader and my Email and I won’t be able to leave this app at all.