Seido extended Pre battery packs more bang for your dimensional buck


Lets face it: battery life on the Pre is pretty terrible. Unless Palm sends out an update with a note reading “Oh, damn, sorry guys – we forgot to turn off the ‘Battery destroyer’ toggle in the firmware before we shipped this thing”, we don’t see it getting anything but marginally better over time. If you’re struggling to make it through the work day without your Pre tapering off, your best bet is probably to get an extended battery.

Generally, extended batteries are physically larger than their baby-sized brethren, so an extended battery cover is needed as well. None of today’s most popular smartphones would really be served well by getting chunkier, so that’s bad news. Fortunately, my friends, the Lithium-Ion fairies have smiled upon you. Through some process which can surely only be described as sorcery, battery manufacturer Seidio has managed to pack a 1350mAh battery into the same exact shell Palm usually fills with 1150mAh. It’s only a 17-18% boost – but if that gets your handset through the work day, it might be more than worth the $50 bucks they want.

[Via jkOnTheRun]