Samsung patents crazy pop-out keyboard


“Because the keypad is arranged at both sides of the touch screen, key input can be easily performed while viewing an image displayed on the touch screen.”

You see, kids, there comes a time when you’ll want to operate a touchscreen phone, but need to see the entirety of the touchscreen while you type. Nothing allows this like Samsung’s crazy newly patented keyboard concept which, pictured above. Well, except for slide-out QWERTY keyboards. And clamshell QWERTY keyboards. And any other sort of physical hardware keyboard ever made.

We’re not quite sure how you’d use this new keyboard – at least, we can’t think of any way that wouldn’t make it feel like it’s about to break. We’re also not sure why there are so many friggin’ keys on each side. Regardless, we can only hope Samsung does something nifty with it.

[Via RegHardware]