Oregon Scientific launches the +ECO solar-powered line with the Clima Control


Launched earlier this week from Oregon Scientific is the first of many solar powered gadgets under the +ECO line, the Clima Control personal weather station.

It tracks the temperature and humidity in up to four separate locales within your home or outdoors with the help of wireless temperature and humidity sensors. The solar panel located on the back of the +ECO Clima Control juices up in roughly eight hours and will last up to three months before the battery is depleted.

It’s available now for $120.

Later this summer, OS will launch two additional +ECO line solar-powered doodads.

The first, the +ECO Solar Weather Station will monitor current indoor and outdoor weather temperatures, humidity and shows an iconic future weather forecast, as well as the precise Atomic time. Second, the more compact +ECO Solar Weather Clock will monitor the current indoor and outdoor weather temperatures and humidity, as well the Atomic time. Both products are equipped with detachable solar panels and remote wireless temperature and humidity sensors.