BlackBerry Clearly Has Some Apple Envy Issues

uscSo, we’ve known for a while that U2’s latest world tour was going to be sponsored by RIM, makers of the BlackBerry. And we’ve known that this was slightly odd because U2 lead singer Bono is a founder of Elevation Partners (which, yes, was named after a U2 song). The same Elevation Partners that owns a huge stake in Palm, makers of the Pre. But good for Bono, apparently not mixing work and, well, other work. But perhaps even odder is the BlackBerry commercial now in circulation.

Until the very end when the word “BlackBerry” appears, I was sure this was an Apple ad. As a commenter noted on YouTube, this looks almost exactly like a cross between this U2 iPod ad from back in the day, plus a more recent Coldplay iTunes ad. Watch them below.


Plus This

Equals This

Much was made of Apple’s relationship with U2 when it signed the BlackBerry deal. After all, the BlackBerry is now a chief rival of Apple since the iPhone launched. And, of course, U2 used to have close dealings with Apple, even getting its own special version of the iPod. Ads like this won’t silence that talk. But it’s not like BlackBerry hasn’t had Apple envy before.