Peter Ha died on July 6, 2009, what the hell is Frenzied Waters


No joke, I just received my obituary in the mail today at the office. Apparently, I died while surfing at Rockaway on Monday, July 6th. That’s news to me. I’ve never surfed Rockaway.

The contents of this rusty jar are quite puzzling and I was met with the following note.

This jar holds a story – the story of a single tragic incident that needs to be unlocked. Dive in, investigate the evidence and discover what lies beneath the surface.

Inside the jar I found the following contents: a rusty boat key attached to a floatie, a large shark tooth wired to a metal plate with the following URL: and a pair of bloodied bathing suit bottoms. A large “Warning” sign was also enclosed with the following phone number: 386-675-0342. Oh, and my obituary.


Peter Ha, News Editor for CrunchGear, the reputable subsidiary of, fell victim to a fatal shark attack on Monday, July 6th, while surfing off a beach in Rockaway Park. Ha, the up-and-coming technology writer was on a fast-paced track to success, already having been published in Surfing Magazine, Vibe, Men’s Journal, and His body is being flown home to Oregon for funeral services on Thursday, July 9th.

After signing into via Facebook Connect, the stream of images and video about my death are populated with various newspaper articles, farewell notes from friends, etc. Very clever, Discovery.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, it’s a rather clever- albeit morbid- marketing campaign for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week that starts on August 2nd. But what exactly is happening tomorrow? I guess we’ll wait and see.