Happy 100th Birthday Audi, and thanks for all the pianos

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Audi is 100! Wait, what? When was the car invented? Okay, some time earlier. But I had no idea Audi had been about this for so long. They’ve given us some beautiful cars and probably a lot of other stuff since the company was founded in 1909. And now, to celebrate their centenary, they’re bringing out a grand piano, of all things.

They teamed up with Bosendorfer, a trusted name in Pianos for about 180 years now, to make this radical-looking instrument.

I’m sure it sounds better than the one my parents have sitting in the garage, but there is a reason pianos are shaped the way they are. I doubt Bosendorfer would make a bad piano, but I can only imagine that the true Pianophile will find something amiss. I do like that bit “curtain” on the left side, though. Do you think it resonates?

Anyway, it’s lovely, Audi, but you couldn’t have made a special 100th Birthday Blogger Edition of the R8?

[via Dvice]

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