Electric roadster runs quick errands, costs a cool $13,000


If you’re lucky enough to live in a gated retirement community (The Vill-a-ges, Flor-i-da’s friendliest home town!) or you don’t need to ever break 25MPH on your daily commute, then here’s an electric roadster. Sure, at $13,000 it costs more than most compact sedans, but it’s cute! And red! And eco-friendly, sorta, with its six lead-acid batteries.

Available through Hammacher, “The 4,000 Watt Roadster” is legally a “Low Speed Vehicle” that can go up to 25MPH with a range of up to 60 miles. The rear compartment can apparently hold six bags of groceries or two sets of golf clubs.

Kind of like a golf cart, which is also electric but can be had for under $13,000. I wonder if this roadster can be used on a golf course. Now that’d be something since, unlike most golf carts, this thing has a built-in radio with MP3 playback.

The 4,000 Watt Roadster [Hammacher Schlemmer]