Twinity scoops a further €4.5m to develop 3D cities

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Virtual worlds can be pretty dull when nothing you see there is recognisable as anything remotely real-world, which is perhaps why Twinity has such confident investors. The virtual world which re-creates the world’s cities for real-looking avatars to wander around, has closed another round of financing from existing investors to the tune of 4.5m Euros ($6.26 million).

Twinity’s owner Metaversum, which has taken a totally different tack to the likes of Second Life, won the backing from existing investors Grazia Equity and Balderton Capital, which joined BFB BeteiligungsFonds Brandenburg from InvestitionsBank des Landes Brandenburg, which is managed by BC Brandenburg Capital and KfW. As you can tell the startup is based in Germany. The funding will be used for development and expanding internationally.

Back in April last year Balderton, best known for investing in and exiting from Bebo and MySQL (the former to the tune of $140 million) joined investors in Metaversum.

In Twinity, members use real profiles and realistic-looking avatars. A virtual Berlin is in public beta right now, but a virtual Singapore is set to follow this summer, and London is under construction (much like the real London if you are familiar with its roads).

  • http://- aa

    who cares????

    • real people

      Keeping people real is the key, while world can be virtual. Real names of peeps using fb connect?

  • nick

    It would be cool to visit the places I went in Europe.

  • Virtual Tourism

    I see the potential of virtual tourism where a bunch of friends can travel virtually to overseas cities.

    • Pepijn Looije

      I actually see no fun in Virtual Tourism. When I go somewhere I like to experience the atmosphere there. Virtual Tourism would be like reading books.

      • RD

        “Virtual Tourism would be like reading books”

        You are aware that “reading books” is pretty popular around the world, right?

  • Andrew Peters

    Virtual Singapore in twinity is due to launch soon and has Singapore’s leading print and oonline media partner Singapore Press Holdings – AsiaOne Interactive as Partner…

    more info here -

  • jeremy

    thanks for the mention. i like the conversation here about virtual tourism.

    by the way, twinity is not only about virtual tourism. as the blog points out, having a familiar environment can be very helpful in a virtual world. for instance, it gives you very natural locations to do promotion of real-world stuff, like movies, or cool environments to hold events, like a rock concert in front of the brandenburg gate.

    – jeremy

    • James

      This is actually a nice idea. It is nice to have a sense of geography when entering these online worlds; you can relate to them much more quickly.

      When I play Civilization, for example, I often play on a world map. It’s not simply that I like to know the map layout in advance. An actual world map imbues the game with a sense of history and makes ‘place’ more meaningful.

      I imagine that people who play games such as WOW ultimately develop this same type of connection with maps that they are familiar with. But using an Earth map will give everyone with any sense of geography a connection to the game.

  • David

    It would be interesting to see what the locals do with this – I could very much see people claiming their virtual home.

    • RD

      That would be awesome. If they would limit people to using real names and allow integration with Facebook connect so I can actually interact with people I know, I’d consider using it.

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  • Maitri

    Asking who cares or griping about virtual tourism is pointless in the age of Virtual Earth, Google Earth and the expansion of 3d digital cities for extremely quick planning and defense needs.

  • Shlomo is the state of the art in 3D cities. Twinity doesn’t even come close.

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  • Lucy

    Downloaded it, computer froze up and I gave up….

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  • ace

    virtual worlds is an alternative to actually spending money for a plane ticket. Not to mention money for hotel, food, etc.

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  • Clean

    not baaaad! but who needs these senseless 3d-wORLDS?

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  • Diegos

    I downloaded it, the file was corrupt and didn’t work. Now I want to close the account i made but there is no place to do that and no contact information!! Also, the web is sooooooooo slow….

    • financemaster

      me too once downloaded file n dat was corrupt

  • Jonathan Deamer

    Surely I’m not the only one who thinks the name makes it sound like *another* Twitter app? I almost overlooked this post completely before I realised it was more interesting than that.

  • ZET

    Ну какие богатые стали!!!

  • ZET

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  • Andry

    что вы мелити!!

  • financemaster

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