Tweet Those Screencasts With Screenjelly

On Twitter there are easy ways to share links, photos, and videos (via, Twitpic, YFrog, Flickr, and YouTube), and now there is an easy way to record and share screencasts. The service is called Screenjelly, and it just launched today. It comes from the the team that created ScreenToaster, which was bought by enterprise video provider Veodia last month.

Screenjelly is a browser-based screen sharing app. After allowing a Java applet to run on your computer, you press record and have 3 minutes to show anything on your computer screen, using your built-in microphone to do a voiceover. Once you are done, you can Tweet out a link to your video. Unlike other Web-based screen sharing apps like Webex or Adobe Acrobat, Screenjelly is asynchronous and designed for quick, fast sharing sessions. Even ScreenToaster has a lot more bells and whistles.

I did a Screenjelly video going through some of the open tabs on my browser and a desktop app. It works pretty much as advertised, although I would suggest closing any apps you don’t intend to demo. I kept getting a lag between the audio and the video until I closed down some of my desktop apps.

(Hat tip to Loic Le Meur)