Prizes coming to 1 v 100 this Friday for Gold Xbox Live members

If you’ve been toiling with the Beta of 1 v 100 then hunker down because starting this Friday you’ll have a crack at earning 10,000 MS points and/or an Xbox Live Arcade title. Details after the jump, but get on board this Friday, July 10 at 7PM PT.

Beginning this Friday, July 10, Xbox LIVE Gold members will have the chance to win up to 10,000 Microsoft Points and a new Xbox LIVE Arcade title in every round played on “1 vs 100 Live.” On average, each 2-hour episode of “1 vs 100 Live” features between eight to 13 rounds of play, so brush up on your trivia – because the competition may be stiff – and get ready to win big!

If you’re “the One,” you could win Microsoft Points for each member of “the Mob” you knock out – up to an incredible 10,000 if you defeat the entire Mob. What will you do with your winnings?

If you’re standing tall as one of the last remaining 60 Mob members and “the One” chokes – you could take home an Xbox LIVE Arcade title and your share of the Mob’s bounty of Microsoft points. Competing in “the Crowd” tonight? The top three scoring Crowd members can also win an Xbox LIVE Arcade title.

Don’t forget that contestants also earn entries into the “1 vs 100” sweepstakes for every question they answer in both “1 vs 100 Live” and “1 vs 100 Extended Play,” for the chance to win a Zune or an HDTV home theater system!

“1 vs 100” on Xbox LIVE is the first interactive entertainment experience of its kind to offer a live host that provides comedic commentary, fresh trivia, and real prizes… and people love it! More than 1.1 million people have been contestants on “1 vs 100” on Xbox LIVE to date.