My Secret Circle: You know, for kids

So this seems like a good enough idea. It’s called MySecretCircle and it’s basically it’s a closed social network for girls. You and your buds buy a USB key that acts as your login. It autoruns under Windows and OS X and brings up a photo and journal sharing system that only allows certain people access to your daughter’s personal info.

In theory and in practice this is great. It ensures your tween doesn’t connect with creeps like me. Kids can only connect with friends that have their private key – no one else exists in the site except for Sabrina Circle, the Tom of this candy-pink MySpace.

The environment lives entirely in flash and you can publish photos and diary entries to your page as well as play games – there are only two right now – with your friends and relations. It also has a great theme song:


That’s pretty much it. You plug in the USB key, share your key with friends, and rock out. The physical key costs $19.99 while a dual-key BFF pack costs $29.99. A voice chat headset add-on costs $14.99. They are available at Justice stores nationwide.

The keys are kind of like Poken without the RFID part.


Maybe I’m not the best judge of social networks aimed at tweens but I think this would be a great solution for 8 to 12 year olds. My daughter is a little small to use this – she’s 6 months – but I’d rather she mess around on this rather than risk the hell demons that populate popular social networking sites like Orkut.