Feedburner Founder/CEO Dick Costolo To Leave Google

It’s always hard to hold onto those pesky entrepreneurs after you acquire their company – the best ones always get restless and bail. Feedburner cofounder and CEO Dick Costolo will be leaving Google within the week, we’ve confirmed.

Costolo and his team, based in Chicago, joined Google two years ago when Feedburner was acquired for $100 million. Like some other Feedburner employees he has moved on to other projects within Google. He currently reports to Neal Mohan, an exec in the Ads group, as the group product manager for social ads.

Costolo has no plans for his next job/startup. But something tells me that in a few months we’ll be hearing about his next venture. He turned $8 million in venture capital into a $100 million payday. More than a few venture capitalists will be taking him to lunch at their first opportunity.

Interesting side note: Costolo, who was a stand up comedian in a former life, is rumored to be the author of a Twitter account mocking a well known Silicon Valley angel investor, Chris Sacca. Zingers include “Headed to Africa for charity kite-surfing event. Kites made from t-shirts of child soldiers in Ivory Coast to draw attention to their plight” and “Going over my SXSW talk on “why I should have equity in your startup”. Getting inspired just proofreading it.” Sacca’s real Twitter account is here.