"Cameras" app makes managing multiple devices a snap

When Peter and I were liveblogging E3 events (among others), we’d get a sort of improvised workflow going on depending on what gear we had, where we were located, who had signal on their dongle, and so on. One of the steps in that workflow was getting pictures off a camera, resizing and renaming them, and getting them up on the web fast. Unfortunately, while I got things going right for my own Canon, the introduction of four other cameras to the mix (two camcorders, another DSLR, and a point-and-shoot for emergencies) made my scripts and automated behaviors difficult to manage and could have resulted in a lot of lost data.

I wish I’d had this Cameras app, a simple thing that lets you choose an action to be done whenever a certain camera (or other device) is connected. And it’s free!

Now you can have your point-and-shoot go to iPhoto, your Flip go to iMovie, and your XSi go to Aperture. Thank god! I’m downloading this right now.

[via TUAW]