Viralheat Emerges From Private Beta; Now Analyzes Content From Websites

Viralheat, the affordable social media measurement product that scours social video sites including YouTube, Hulu and Vimeo, and Twitter to deliver real-time results of consumer generated content on these sites, has exited private beta and added additional functionality to its monitoring service. You can read our initial review of the site here. Viralheat will now give users a real-time listing of blogs and Web sites that are actively being discussed and shared about a topic or brand.

Viralheat allows you to create profiles to track an individual’s name or a company’s name across nearly 30 video sites, the web and Twitter. The platform’s new website monitoring tool gives you data on the number of websites that mentioned a topic in a given week and day, the country where users are most actively mentioning a topic, the average number of mentions per day, the breakdown of mentions between blogs and websites and more. Additionally, the service will provide a real-time stream of topic mentions between blogs and websites.

The service’s nifty Twitter tool provides data on how many total mentions an item had on Twitter for the week and for the given day, the most active Twitter user who has Tweet about a brand, the most common language of Tweets, percentage of Tweets about a brand that are Retweets, the most active day of the week for mention of a brand and a sentiment breakdown of Tweets. The service also provides a graph of the number of Tweets over the past week and shows the most recent Tweets about the item updated in real-time, which you can Tweet out directly from Viralheat’s platform or email to others.

The video tool will filter the breakdown of a brand or individual over video sites, letting you know how many mentions were made over each video platform. The video dashboard will let you know what the most popular video was, how many videos were found with a certain brand or name in a given week, the average number of video downloads per day and how many total views the videos received in a week. Similar to the Viralheat’s twitter and website feeds, the site pulls in a real-time feed of the videos and allows you to email or tweet links to the videos directly from the platform.

There are a good amount of services, including Radian6, Visible Measures, Omgili, ScoutLab, and Omniture , that offer tools to monitor blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites for mentions of a company or individual’s name. But the differentiating factor for Viralheat is in its price. The site is affordable—for $10 per month, you can track 10 profiles on the site. For $40 per month, you can track 50 profiles. From big companies and brands to small businesses, this price is manageable.

After our initial review a few months ago, Viralheat has 3000 beta signups in 24 hours from brands, PR firms and even government agencies. Current clients include Coca-Cola, Tivo, U.S. State Department, Weber Shandwick, Nokia, Hilton Hotels, HP, and Microsoft.

Viralheat plans to add more data sources like image sharing sites (Flickr), Facebook, and Linkedin, which would make its service even more compelling. And the startup will offer additional in-depth analysis packages to users which they can add on to their monitoring service. The pricing has yet to be determined.