Thanko gives you the Spy Button Camera (plus a golden ring as the remote control)


Thanko, specialists of all things USB, brought us many good things in the past. Camera-wise, the Tokyo-based company rolled out a water-proof mini camera, a USB necktie with a built-in camera, not one but two video watches and (just recently) an HDV camera.

But these fantastic devices had one flaw: They were small, but not small enough. Reason enough for Thanko to announce the video camera button today [JP]. Needless to say the camera comes with a USB port (this is a Thanko product), 4GB of internal memory and the ability to shoot video in VGA at 15fps.


You can take videos for up to 90 minutes. Thanko says you can also take pictures in 1280 x x 1024 resolution (as JPEGs). What’s really weird is you also get a golden ring with the camera (apart from a total of 5 buttons). The ring doubles as your unassuming remote control and lets you switch the camera on and off. This is pretty cool.

Get the whole set at Geek Stuff 4 U for $68.64 plus shipping if you live outside Japan.