Video: HTC Sense gets ported to the G1, Flash and all

When it became clear that HTC’s oh-so-pretty Sense UI wasn’t going to make it to the G1 by any official means, we figured it wouldn’t be too long before the goods leaked and an unofficial port was made. Hell, we outright said so.

Less than a week has passed since then, but a pair of Italian hackers has already managed to jam the final Hero ROM onto the G1. Now, the G1’s packing a bit less muscle than the new guy (192 MB of RAM as opposed to 288, for one), so it’s not quite as buttery, and the port has its share of glitches – but progress is progress, right?

This build features a ton of new widgets, Facebook support in the address book, and visual overhauls across the apps. Oh, and Flash in the browser – but who cares about that, right?

Dying to get this on your G1? Here’s the first step.