Blackberry Tour to launch on Verizon Wireless on July 12th


If you’ve been biting your nails off anticipating the launch of the Blackberry Tour, you probably want to visit a psychiatrist ASAP. But you can also be happy to know that Verizon Wireless just announced that they’ll be releasing the Tour on July 12th. The Tour provides anyone hell-bent on Verizon (like people who actually want their phone to make and receive calls) a good multimedia phone in the $200 price range.

According to the offical press release, the Blackberry Tour has an optional camera (yes, optional: meaning you can actually choose NOT to have it but still pay the same $200), a media player and a beautiful high-resolution display. K Street and Obama rejoice, as now they can watch episodes of How I Met Your Mother between National Security briefings and shooting hoops at the White House. Anyways, if you want to find out the full specs, you can access the Verizon site here.