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Social Whale wants to bring Digg’s features on Twitter

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Social Whale is a brand new startup company from Greece which aims to extend Twitter’s abilities by introducing some new digg-like features on the famous microblogging service.

At this point, Social Whale is only available as a web based client, however the company’s future plans include also the release of a client based application. Social Whale is build based on Twitter’s layout, which means that it has a clean and familiar interface. Arguably, the most unique feature of the application is the digg-like voting system which appears on the left side of the timeline stream. The user can actually categorize and vote every tweet he thinks is valuable enough, while he can create or join a group which about a specific topic, such as Social Media or Business.

When it comes to posting new tweets, Social Whale provides a build in spell check in both English and Greek. Moreover, just like -almost- every other Twitter client it will do image uploading, url shorting and auto refreshing.

TCE has 40 invites to give away to you for the private beta period of Social Whale. To get one, leave us a comment below including your Twitter Username.

  • Andriy Khavryuchenko

    I’m interested (@akhavr) in an invite.


  • Alex

    me in! @alex_cytopia

  • Jases

    Interested as well @jases

  • Dimitris Kalavros-Gousiou

    @Alex and Jases I just sent you your invites.

  • Jonathan Deamer

    An invite would be lovely please – @JonathanDeamer

    I’ve always felt Twitter needs more filtering mechanisms, both for links and tweets themselves (eg. a way to discover cool tweets). At first I thought this was going to be a service like Favrd or FaveTweets, but it seems a lot bigger than that. (Don’t know if that’s necessarily a good thing though!)

  • Fotis Bobolas

    Hello Dimitri, may I have an invitation?
    Thanks :-)

  • Dimitris Kalavros-Gousiou

    @ Jonathan and Fotis, you are ok ;)

    @ Jonathan

    I agree with that. Twitter is no longer a social network for geeks and tech people. When having 500-600 friends it is really hard to keep only the “good stuff” without spending an hour or two per day on Twitter…

  • Alison Gow

    please may I have an invite? I’m @alisongow

  • aspio

    interested @NikosAspiotis
    Keep up the work!

  • Marios

    I would like to try it! :)

  • Dimitris Kalavros-Gousiou

    @socializer, NikosAspiotis, alisongow

    You are ready to roll :)

  • Sidharth

    Hi would like an invite (@sidharthdassani)

  • John Sleestaxx

    I would like an invite also


  • David

    Can I also get an invite? (@dtemple) Thanks!

  • Megan

    Would love to give it a whirl :) @everywun


  • blah


  • Ted Louie


    can you please send an invite to @tedlouie ?


  • James Weston

    I be interested in taking the whale for a ride! @thejamesweston

  • Dimitris Kalavros-Gousiou

    @all above

    You’ve been invited as well.

  • Anita Petra Funnell

    humm interesting would be keen to try it out

  • anita funnell

    humm interesting would be keen to try it out

  • Markus Möller

    Sounds interessting.

  • Tommy Wohlfahrt

    Sounds realy great. Are they any invites over?

  • Dimitris Kalavros-Gousiou

    @Tommy Wohlfahrt

    No Tommy :). You are in ;)

  • Tina Parnell

    I have been waiting for a while for an invite, would there be any left @misty


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