Sense Of Fashion Is A Social Marketplace For Indie Fashion

Sense of Fashion is an Israeli startup that aims to be a marketplace for both Indie fashion designers to sell their designs and for consumers to be able to access clothes made by aspiring designers. The site also serves a social purpose—it lets any user create a fashion homepage of sorts where you can add photos of what you wear your favorite clothes and designs. Designers can create storefronts on this platform as well.

The site has ambitions to be more than just a marketplace for new and interesting fashion. The site hopes to connect shoppers, designers and trendsetters. Designers can tap into a potential customer base of users who have created their own fashion pages and users can influence designers by commenting on designs and fashions posted on the site. Users can also interact with other shoppers on the site. For example, Sense of Fashion has a “Fashion Emergency” feature that allows you ask friends to vote and choose which item of clothing looks best on you.

Sellers can operate e-commerce on Sense of Fashion via Paypal. The site takes a 3% sales commission on all sales and charges designers an undisclosed listing fee as well. Launched in 2009, Sense of Fashion has received seed funding by VOIP pioneer Jeff Pulver, Ori Levy and other investors. Sense of Fashion is an interesting way to combine social networking, fashion, and retail for the Indie design space. I can imagine aspiring fashion students and design connoisseurs will find the site particularly appealing. FashionSpace has a similar concept.