Cooler Master touts world's smallest 95W laptop adapter


In the neverending quest to shrink down the size of notebook power adapters, Cooler Master tosses its hat into the ring with the pretty-small SNA 95. It’s a 95-watt adapter with some thoughtful extras like a USB charging port, cable management base, and nine different power tips for widespread compatibility with most notebook manufacturers.

cooler master

Cooler Master claims to have “the smallest 95W adapter in the world” at 2.9 x 0.7 x 5.7 inches and, indeed, the short, flat, and wide body shape may allow it to slip more easily into backpacks and briefcases. That is, of course, assuming you leave the above-pictured cable management dock at home.

The SNA 95 is available online at Sundial Micro for $70 — I couldn’t find it anywhere else after a quick search but Cooler Master products are found all over the place so it may just be a matter of time as this is still a new-ish product.

SNA 95 [Cooler Master via Red Ferret]