Can we all please grow up and get a real ringtone?

We’ve all been sitting in a movie, waiting in a line, or sleeping in church, only to be annoyed by a dumb ringtone. For some reason, random people across all generations think that everyone else wants to hear a Boom Boom Pow or animal sound ringer. Well, we don’t. This is nothing new. There was a time before MP3 ringers when polyphonic ringtones were all the rage. In fact, I can remember back about seven years ago creating my own tone for my Sprint PCS Vision Samsung cell phone out of a N.E.R.D. song. I was the coolest back then, but thankfully for society, I have grown up and moved to a boring, stock BlackBerry ringtone.

Watch the video above and then go switch your ringer to a normal tone. Listen, everyone occisionally forgets to switch to silent or vibrate, but for the love of BlackBerry, at least have a ringer that you wouldn’t be mortified if it went off at a Presidential news conference.