Sony working on making a PSP-phone?

I’m not sure I think this is such a good idea, Sony. A PSP crossed with one of Sony -Ericsson’s phones probably wouldn’t enjoy hybrid vigor, seeing as neither device is exactly best in breed. I mean, they’re both fine for what they are, but let’s be honest: they’re generally overpriced and only sport the most basic features.

I’m afraid I don’t trust you guys to make a successful crossover device, although you’re welcome to try. Er…continue to try. Just remember what the N-Gage did to Nokia.

Seriously, a device like this (curiously described as a “cellphone/game gear hybrid”) would probably be as big a boondoggle as the N-Gage, though your UMD-less game distribution system would make things a little easier. But honestly, Sony, do us all a favor and just focus on making the next PSP or a killer phone. Money wasted on this project could go into loss-leader pricing for PS3s. I’m just saying!

[via 1up]