Can't choose? Search Bing and Google simultaneously

While Bing might have been a hit at launch, plenty of us have gone back to using Google. But now a small new web service makes comparing the two far easier.

Bing vs. Google lets you – obviously – search Bing and Google at the same time by providing a split screen interface. Both screens (frames) scroll at the same time and can be arranged either vertically or horizontally. One thing Bing vs. Google can’t do is switch between the result pages of both search engines simultaneously, but using it I’ve rarely had a real need for this particular feature. Even when I did, two clicks instead of one wasn’t as tiring as having two separate tabs open for Bing and Google separately.

The service was developed by Domagoj Pavlesic, a Croatian web developer and IT journalist, who says he created, tested and launched Bing vs. Google in under six hours: “The idea came to me in bed and I ran to my computer to register the domains and The next morning I got to work immediately and it was finished in about five hours: setting up the server, design, development, testing,… It was made in Javascript with a couple of lines of ASP.NET in the backend.”

With some looking for an alternative for Google and others just wanting to test the latest new service, Bing vs. Google gets the job done. Now, do we also need Wolfram Alpha vs TrueKnowledge?