Maybe that Guy Does Need to Get Laid After All

chemistryWe’ve all heard it before, whether you work in a Fortune500 company or waited tables at a restaurant.  There’s always an uptight guy or girl who’s defensive, paranoid, over-stressed and nitpicky. And someone– maybe you’re too polite– but someone says, “That guy (or girl) soooo needs to get laid.” (Note, I didn’t use the example “leading tech blog” above. I’d like to keep my job.)

A new study says there’s some truth to that. Seriously. According to Dr. Helen Fisher, biological anthropologist and chief scientific adviser to, regular sex can make you a better worker bee. The dopamine rush from sex improves creativity making you a better problem solver. A boost of oxytocin and vasopressin generate feelings of trust, making you more likely to be a team player. And, a boost in testosterone can make you more confident and competitive.

Yep, sounds like a dude wrote the study. But, hey, if it’s true, maybe there’s a productivity justification for all that porn online.