NoPorn: Apple Removes "Hottest Girls" From The App Store

The tech blogosphere was abuzz yesterday with the news that Apple seemingly started accepting applications that contain nudity into the App Store. Now, it appears someone over at Cupertino as ultimately decided to reject the first such app to get into the store after all. In our tests, we could still locate the app via the iTunes link, but were unable to purchase it and download it to our devices.

Other applications with the new rating (“Rated 17+ for “Frequent/Intense Sexual Content or Nudity.”) could still be downloaded without a problem, so it seems Apple just let ‘Hottest Girls’ slip through the cracks – something we suggested as a possibility yesterday as well – and has now fixed it by blocking it specifically.

So much for the grand opening of the App Store to all things naked (regardless, go have your say in MobileCrunch’s poll on the subject).