Hanappa: Sega Toys to offer yet another plant listening to your sorrows


I blogged about Sega Toys’ Pekoppa, the plant that listens and reacts to everything a person says, exactly 12 months ago. And the toy seems to have become a hit since then, as Sega Toys today announced the Hanappa, a Pekoppa 2 of sorts [JP, PDF].

The updated toy plant is battery-powered and essentially the same as the Pekoppa 1, meaning the thing “hears” a person’s voice and reacts to it by bowing up and down. However, the Hanappa (size: 80×80×200mm) comes in three variations this time: African Daisy, sun flower and marguerite.


And the flowers don’t just bow this time, but boast a number of additional movements. One of the flowers can act surprised, for instance. Good god.

The Hanappa will be available in Japan starting July 4 for about $30. Ask spezialised stores Japan Trend ShopGeek Stuff 4 U or Rinkya to get one shipped outside Japan if you can’t wait for Sega Toys’ international distribution plans.