Seagate announces a plethora of Mac-centric FreeAgent hard drives and a dock

fa_family_photoBecause Mac users need hard drives more than Windows users. Seagate announced some brand spankin’ new external drives today that include the FreeAgent Go Drive for Mac w/ USB, FreeAgent Go Pro for Mac, a 2TB FreeAgent Desk for Mac and the FreeAgent Go Dock+. The dock is actually really cool.

So, the FreeAgent Go Drive ditches the FireWire port in favor of a USB 2.0 interface. A 250GB drive will cost you $100, a 320GB for $120 and $150 for a 500GB drive.

The Go Pro sports a FireWire 800 or 400 connections. The 250GB goes for $130 while the 320GB and 500GB retail for $150 and $190, respectively.

The 2TB FreeAgent Desk is the same as before but with extra storage. It will retail for $340.

What I thought was the best part of this announcement is the Go Dock+. The old FreeAgent Dock for FreeAgent drives has been updated with three USB ports turning it into a USB hub. It’s kind of cool if you have a FreeAgent drive and retails for $40.

Seagate FreeAgent