Rumor: Nokia places orders with Taiwan's big netbook and smartbook manufacturers


Even though Nokia and Intel were both relatively tight-lipped yesterday about the actual hardware products that’ll spring forth from their new joint-venture, rumors are already circulating that Nokia has placed orders with Quanta and Compal, Taiwan’s number one and two netbook/smartbook manufacturers, respectively.

Quanta has churned out a whole bunch of netbooks for most of the major computer companies but it’s Compal that’s especially interesting as it’s been delivering the Qualcomm-powered Snapdragon smartbooks.

So we may expect to see Nokia-flavored netbooks and smartbooks, a rumor that seems in line with the “connected everywhere” agenda that Nokia and Intel alluded to yesterday. Apparently this news came from Taiwan-based newspaper Commercial Times, so it seems pretty legit. As always, though, take all this info with a grain of salt.

[Fudzilla via Ubergizmo]