Did Shaq Just Find Out He Was Traded On Twitter?

shaq9Another day, another weird Twitter story. Tonight the news broke that NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal was being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Huge news, but what’s humorous is that apparently Shaq found out he was traded on Twitter.

Look at Shaq’s last few tweets. Several minutes ago he tweeted out “I didn’t hear dat yet” in response to this tweet, “is it true u a CLEVELAND CAVALIER.” A few minutes later someone sent Shaq the following tweet, “U CLEVELAND BOUND…shaq found out he was traded thru twitter! lmao….hahahaaaaaa” Shaq’s response? “I kno right.”

He went silent after that. Hopefully his agent called him to tell him the news. Then I fully expect a rush of good rush of tweets name-dropping LeBron James. The trade was rumored to be going down during the regular season, so I’m happy for the big guy that it got done. As well as for my hometown Cleveland Cavs.

Shaq is one of the most popular Twitter users with nearly 1.4 million followers.

This looks to be yet another example of Twitter being used to break news. Albeit much, much less substantial than what is going on in Iran.





[thanks Jon]