A Panasonic Toughbook vs a tiger and elephant


Panasonic’s Toughbooks have legendary strength but I doubt any of us ever considered them tough enough to survive a white tiger or Asian elephant. I didn’t. The last “durable notebook” I tested failed with a 4 foot drop. But the Panasonic Toughbook that Forbes tested took a .22 bullet and still booted after being used as a chew toy. Impressive.


Forbes wasn’t so nice to this notebook. They ran over it with a Volkswagen Jetta TDi, poured Diet Coke on the keyboard, threw darts at the screen, had an elephant stand on top of it, and yes, gave it the ol’  John Hinckley Jr. treatment by shooting it with a .22. But it kept on kick’n. Eventually a 1911 .45 ACP took it down, followed by a .44 Magnum and a 12-gauge slug for good measure.

Somehow I’m thinking that even though they ruined the notebook, the Forbes editor isn’t going to get a furious email from an embarrassed PR agent as I did after my Durabook testing.

Hit up the Forbes article for the full details and a video of the tiger gnawing on the notebook.